3 x 40ft Container Conversion

3 x 40ft Container Conversion

Joined together these 3 x 40ft container conversion, massive open space for an industrial unit. Open spaces to have windows and doors put in, along with colurms to keep the structural strength as well. All level and ready to have the finishing touches done to it.

We have our own in house team who can design, convert, and construct not only containers but anything you may require in steel. This can be done to your own specification. It amazes us how many different uses Containers can be put to. We have over the years converted them into offices, schools, workshops, cafes, bars, and even used them in a children’s adventure park, as rifle archery ranges!

Do you need additional industrial units or space, why not have them built from shipping containers?

The Ultimate Shipping Container guide

10ft, 20ft, and 40ft shipping containers, all being used to create amazing extra space for these builds above. From just single containers to multiple containers being connected together to make large structures and very modern-looking buildings.

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